Allah Here, Allah There. Allah is Everywhere

These are so-called Miracles, which Muslims attribute to Allah. Let’s see are they really a Miracle.
Posted by: Ali Sina. 

Using their creative imagination, in this cloud patch, Muslims read the word Allah in Arabic. I actually see a boy sitting in a toboggan looking up. Use your imagination and see what else you can see in this patch of cloud. Think like children, as Muslims do, and you’ll be surprised what you can find.

When I was a child I used to lie down on the grass, in lazy hot summer days, and find familiar shapes of humans and animals in different poses in the clouds. It just shows that the imaginative brain of Muslims is still in the stage of childhood.

Here is another cloud formation where Muslims think resembles Allah.

Does it really look like Allah?

Here are a couple of objects that look like Allah

Don’t get hooked by Allah. Like this hook Islam is a one way street.  The only way to get yourself rid of Islam and Allah is dead.

Here is one picture of Allah in the “clouds” created by his followers.

Here are what Christians think is the apparition of Marry in clouds.

If these are signs then the above cross is a sign that Muhammad was a liar. He said Jesus was not crucified.

You can find more Christian “miracles” in this site.  I think they are more convincing.

You can find any image in clouds. But they are not messages from anyone. It’s our brain that interprets them that way. Here are some examples.

Are these messages from anyone? They are not. It’s our brain that creates these images. Do you see any smile in the sky?

Do you see a face in these trees?

All these are illusions. Our brain makes them up. If you don’t beleive me, hear this cloud.

If you are not still convinced, think who is sending this miracle.

The same can be said about the following images.

In this honeycomb, Muslim read Allah. Bees must know how to write in Arabic, something Muhammad, with all his miracles was unable to do.

They also see the word Abdullah and Muhammad Rasoul Allah written on the side of this fish.  I can read neither Muhammad nor Rasoul Allah on this fish. But of course I am not a Muslim and I am not endowed wiht their wild imagination.

Muslims can also read the words of Shahadah in this slice of tomato. See if you can read La Illaha Illa Alla and Muhammad Rasul Allah in these slices. I have not been able to see it. Can you help?

THE MIRROR on Thursday, June 12, 1997, reported: “More than 100 Moslems have flocked to her [the girl who made this “discovery”]  home to see the amazing tomato in her fridge.

These things are not miracles. They are flukes. Arabic letters, unlike Latin characters, are very simple and with a little bit of imagination one can find them everywhere.

Here are other flukes. Do they have any meaning?

This is an aeral image of a logging site damaged by erossion.

Here is one real miracle. Look what happens when you join the crescent to Allah.

You get a phalus!  Please Muslims don’t get offened. This is not an insult.  In the Quran Allah appears to be too concerned about Muhammad’s sex life, something even Aisha noticed.  Was Muhammad inspired by a god or by his own lust for sex?  In Understanding Muhammad I have explained this topic extensively.  You’ll be surprised to find that many of the verses of the Quran seem to have been inspired by Muhammad’s penis rather than by any deity in heaven. Was Allah in Muhammad’s pants? Read my book and you be the judge.

Muslims saw Allah in this ice cream logo, sued the Burger King and forced the company to remove it.

Who are they going to sue for this art work?

There is one word to describe stupid, and that is stupid. No other word does it better.

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